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Last Updated: Friday, 9 September 2005, 15:48 GMT 16:48 UK
Shot Danielle said 'I am dying'
Danielle Beccan
Danielle died in hospital from gunshot wounds
Friends of schoolgirl Danielle Beccan have told jurors the fatally wounded teenager pleaded for an ambulance, then said she was dying.

Birmingham Crown Court heard how one friend urged Danielle to stay awake, as they waited for help to arrive.

Danielle, 14, was shot as she walked home with friends from the Goose Fair in Nottingham on 9 October 2004.

Mark Kelly, 20, of The Meadows, Nottingham, and Junior Andrews, 23, of no fixed address, deny her murder.

In a recorded interview played to the court, a 16-year-old witness said the group of youngsters was standing around when a car pulled up and shots were fired.

I don't think I'm going to make it, I'm dying
Danielle Beccan

The girl said everyone ran off, then she heard Danielle calling her name so she ran back to her.

"Then I saw the car turning round again. I ran to where everyone else ran, but everyone was already gone.

"I shouted that Danielle's been shot and I think everyone heard me.

"I ran back to her and said 'Danielle, I don't know what to do'. She said 'help me, ring an ambulance'.

One 17-year-old youth said he was unable to describe the gunmen because he had been dazzled by the car's headlights, which Mr Kelly is alleged to have switched on after the men spotted their target.

The witness also described Danielle's condition when the group found her injured on the floor.

Rival gangs

He said: "She looked dead. I thought she was dead.

"But then she said 'tell the ambulance to hurry up', so I thought she was going to be all right. I thought she was going to make it."

Another 16-year-old girl told the court: "She (Danielle) just kept asking 'where's the ambulance' and saying 'I don't think I'm going to make it, I'm dying'.

"I was saying 'Danielle stay with me, stay awake for me please'."

Earlier in the trial jurors were told a bitter gang feud between rival areas led to the shooting.

It was alleged the shooting was carried out by members of the Waterfront Gang, based in the Meadows district of Nottingham.

The trial continues.

'Gang feud led to shooting death'
08 Sep 05 |  Nottinghamshire

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