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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 November, 2004, 11:05 GMT
New powers see boy racers evicted
boy racer
A private security team will monitor the sites for trouble
Police in Notts are using new powers to tackle problems with boy racers.

Officers will enforce dispersal orders at all council car parks in Mansfield to ensure youths and their cars are moved on.

The district council will also close the town's two main car parks overnight to stop groups of motorists from gathering there.

A late-night security team will also be employed to give further reassurance to local residents.

Deliberately noisy

One resident in a block of flats opposite the Rock Valley car park said: "Most of the tenants here are workers and get up at five and six in the morning and the noise in the car park hasn't stopped by then.

"The racing, the horns and the music - it has been absolutely impossible to sleep.

"If all the lights are off in the complex, then you get someone with their hand on the horn and they just keep pressing it until someone gets up and puts a light on."

Councillor Andre Camilleri said: "We haven't got a problem with these lads and their cars, they can be very proud of them, but they can't congregate 200 cars at a time.

"The horns are going off, making a noise - it's upsetting the residents."

The dispersal powers will be used to move the youngsters on if they gather in large numbers anywhere on council property.

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