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Dying Danielle cradled by mother

Paula Platt, Danielle Beccan's mother
Paula Platt says her daughter's killers are "evil"

The mother of teenager Danielle Beccan has spoken of the moment when she cradled her dying daughter on a Nottingham street.

Paula Platt, 32, was called out from her home in the early hours of Saturday to find her 14-year-old daughter lying fatally wounded.

She said she was still numb from the shock of Danielle's death.

"If you take the worst you could feel, and multiply it by a million, it would not even come close," she said.

"I could see a bullet hole in her top. I knelt down beside her and she was closing her eyes.

"I told her to stay awake and keep conscious. It was just too surreal."

Danielle was taken to the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham where she died of a gunshot wound to the stomach.

Danielle Beccan
I said 'I love you' - she said 'I love you too Mum'
Paula Platt, Danielle's mother

Mrs Platt said: "I am crying inside. My heart is in two, three, four pieces. It's in bits.

"I spoke to her just before she went back into resus (resuscitation).

I said, 'I love you.' She said, 'I love you too Mum'.

"I said, 'Come back to us, I will be waiting for you'."

Danielle was shot on her way home from Nottingham's historic annual Goose Fair.

'Wicked evil scum'

Mrs Platt said she thought her daughter would be safe at the event.

"You think there will be safety in numbers, that she will be OK," she said.

Dale Beccan
She was bubbly and beautiful - why do this, why kill a beautiful child?
Dale Beccan, Danielle's father
Mrs Platt defended her community, the St Ann's district of Nottingham, which has been the scene of several shootings.

She said it was the home of "decent, honest and hard-working" people.

But she could not now say it was a safe place to live.

"I've got a nine-year-old son asking if he is going to die as well," she said.

Mrs Platt said her daughter's killers were "wicked, evil scum".

"I cannot believe that somebody went out that night, did what they did, and has carried on as normal," she said.

Dale Beccan, Danielle's 38-year-old father, said she was a girl "who would brighten up people's lives".

"She was bubbly and beautiful. Why do this? Why kill a beautiful child. She was a very respectful girl, and had manners," he asked.

Four men who were being held by police investigating Danielle's death have been released without charge.

Magistrates have granted an extension to detain a fifth man, who is from Nottinghamshire, for a further 36 hours.

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