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Last Updated: Sunday, 10 October, 2004, 12:35 GMT 13:35 UK
Force asking for more officers
Chief Constable Steve Green
Nottingham's chief constable Steve Green.
The murder of a teenager on a Nottingham street comes as the county's force has been pleading for help to tackle rising crime levels .

Nottinghamshire's chief constable Steve Green had previously claimed his force was being swamped by gun and drug crime in the city.

The force reckons it should get more money as it has metropolitan problems but funded in line with county forces.

On average there was at least one shooting every week in the county in 2003.

A BBC News Online reader who was close to the site of Saturday's shooting, said: "Almost exactly a year ago this is the same site an Iraqi Kurd was murdered during a violent street fight involving rival asylum seekers in 2003.

"A year before that a youth was stabbed to death outside The Westminster public house 50 yards away, close to the local police station.

"Therefore this death is not a one off incident in the heart of St. Ann's. Drug dealing continues on a daily basis in broad daylight."

Nottinghamshire has been the scene of high-profile crimes before the killing of Danielle Beccan.

In October, 2003, Marian Bates, 64, was shot dead as she defended her daughter Xanthe, 34, from an armed robber during a raid on her jewellery store.

Middle-aged couple, John and Joan Stirland, were shot dead, while in hiding, in another suspected revenge killing in August after leaving Nottinghamshire..

Young teenagers have been seen with weapons, although police deny some of the city's estates have become virtual no-go areas.

In July, 2004, Mr Green claimed society emphasis on tolerance and understanding was a "failed" social experiment.

He claimed evidence of these failures could be seen on the streets, where youngsters were badly behaved but knew how to play the system.

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