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Last Updated: Monday, 8 October 2007, 09:28 GMT 10:28 UK
Campaign targets drinking culture
Young people in Scarborough drink more alcohol than in any other part of North Yorkshire, with some starting from the age of nine, according to figures.

A campaign was launched on Monday in a bid to tackle the town's "serious and growing problem with alcohol misuse".

Those behind the new strategy say the number of alcohol-related hospital admissions are also higher in the town than the national average.

The campaign is being launched by local health experts and council bosses.

'Devastating' effects

Agencies behind the new strategy include Scarborough Council, North Yorkshire County Council, Scarborough Hospital and the Cambridge Centre.

Jo Ireland, who has led the strategy, said figures also showed more than three quarters of domestic abuse incidents reported in the borough were related to alcohol.

She said: "Coastal towns nationally do tend to suffer from problems relating to alcohol, partly because there is a clear link between levels of deprivation and levels of alcohol misuse.

"If we put it in a county-wide context, levels of deprivation are higher on the coast than the rest of North Yorkshire."

She added: "Like many other parts of the county the borough has a serious and growing problem with alcohol misuse, the effects of which can be devastating for individuals, their families and local communities, as well as having serious resource implications for local service providers."

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