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Last Updated: Saturday, 17 March 2007, 13:45 GMT
Orphaned sheep is baa-rking mad
Lamb and Dip the sheepdog
The lamb and Dip the sheepdog share a bed at night
An orphaned lamb is growing up in North Yorkshire thinking it is a dog after copying everything the farm's pet does.

The lamb, which does not have a name, walks to heel better than the farm's sheepdog Dip and spends its evenings sitting on the family's laps.

Broxa farmer David Dickinson introduced the two animals a week ago after the lamb's mother died shortly after giving birth.

The lamb now shares Dip's bed at night and is fed on powdered cows' milk.

'Watches telly'

Mr Dickinson's wife Carol said they did not want to leave the chocolate-coloured female lamb outside because it would be too cold for her.

She said: "During the day she follows me wherever I go basically.

"She stays in the kitchen when I go to work and then when I'm back she goes into the lounge, into the bedroom - all over.

"She even sits on the furniture and watches telly sitting on my lap - she does everything just like a dog."

However, Mr Dickinson said he had not ruled out the possibility that the lamb could end up on someone's dinner plate.

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