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Last Updated: Thursday, 14 September 2006, 10:07 GMT 11:07 UK
Woman boards flight with scalpels
Scalpel blades
Dianne Hall's husband uses the blades in his work as a sign maker
An investigation is under way into security at Doncaster's Robin Hood Airport after a woman boarded a flight with three scalpel blades in her bag.

Dianne Hall, from Scarborough, said she had forgotten about the blades when she went through security checks before boarding the flight to Jersey.

But although the blades triggered an alarm, guards failed to find them when they searched Mrs Hall's bag.

G4S Security Services said it was taking the allegation "very seriously".

Mrs Hall, whose husband uses the blades in his sign making business, was travelling on holiday just weeks after major hand luggage restrictions were imposed on passengers at Britain's airports last month, following a terrorist threat at Heathrow Airport.

'Security a priority'

She said she had already removed her shoes to be checked when security guards told her the scanner had showed an "unidentified solid object" in her bag.

"He opened the front bit and I said: 'It'll be the tin of mints I bought in America' and he said: 'Oh, that's it'," she said.

"He lifted up the mints, shouted to the lady on the scanner and that was it. Through I went.

"When we came through St Helier the bag didn't even bleep, even though it had the same tin of mints and the scalpel blades in the back."

A G4S Security Services spokesman said the security of passengers and airline/airport staff was their highest priority.

"We are working very closely with Robin Hood Airport and other relevant authorities to investigate this alleged incident," he said.

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