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Sat-nav takes cabbie into river

Sat nav generic
The sat-nav had told the driver to carry straight on - so he did

A driver, stranded after he drove into a river, said his sat-nav system guided him in there.

The mini-bus driver was on his way to collect a fare in Castle Acre, near King's Lynn, Norfolk, when he took a wrong turn into the River Nar.

Pat Bowles, from Streamline Taxis, said: "Normal people would stop and back out but because his sat-nav told him to keep going that's what he did.

"I don't think he did think until he couldn't go any further."

The incident happened as the driver was following his sat-nav on Saturday.

Ms Bowles said it had given the driver's colleagues plenty of amusement: "He's had taxi drivers going into the office with snorkels on.

"We've also had phones calls, texts coming through asking if they can book river trips."

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