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Last Updated: Monday, 31 December 2007, 18:36 GMT
Services hit by 22m council cuts
Spending cuts at Norfolk County Council have been announced as the authority attempts to save up to 22m.

The council has said the proposed cut backs will mainly affect the county's Children's Services and Adult Social Services departments in 2008/2009.

Despite an increase in government funding, cuts are needed to meet rising costs as any council tax increase has been capped at 5%, the council said.

A public consultation on the proposals is due to be held in January.

Daniel Cox, leader of Norfolk County Council, told BBC News that although children's and adults services remained a priority, it was in these areas that spending had increased.

'Worst case scenario'

Mr Cox said: "We've now got to work out what services and provisions cuts we've got to make to fund what we need to over the next 12 months.

"We've got proposals right across the board on all our services and what we're asking residents to do is come up with particular services of concern that they would like to see further work done for, or investments made."

Mr Cox said that being forced to save 22m would be the "very worst scenario".

He added: "We have had a fairly decent settlement from the government but with that the government have also said to us that they expect council tax to be well below 5%, and that's certainly something we've got to deliver on."

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