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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 November 2006, 13:06 GMT
Resting place for cremation urns
Deacon Patrick Limacher and Bishop Michael Evans
Bishop Michael Evans dedicates the columbarium
A cathedral has dedicated a special resting place for urns containing the cremated remains of catholic people from across the Diocese of East Anglia.

The new columbarium, a Latin name for a burial place, is in an under croft at St John's cathedral in Norwich.

The bronze cabinets, designed by architect Russell Taylor, each contain more than 90 niches for the urns.

The columbarium will eventually house several thousand urns and has been dedicated as a place of remembrance.

Bishop Michael Evans said when he dedicated the columbarium: "A common sight in East Anglia is a cemetery around an ancient church.

"The new columbarium serves the same purpose, a focus for remembrance for those who have gone before us."

The name columbarium was derived from the Latin word for dovecote because of the similarities in the shapes of the niches and the birds' living spaces.

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