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Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 July 2006, 15:31 GMT 16:31 UK
Plea to stay away from seal pups
People are urged to watch the seals from a distance
Wildlife experts are warning people to stay away from seals after three pups were abandoned by their mothers.

The pups, nicknamed Ronaldo, Beckham and Crouch, and all just days old, were found by members of the public along the Norfolk coast in recent weeks.

Kieran Copeland, from Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary, said he believed people had approached the pups too closely and frightened away the mothers.

The pups will be returned to the wild later in the year.

Crouch was only five days old when he was found by a family at Holme Beach.

Successfully weaned

The next day a seven-day-old female, Ronaldo, was rescued by a couple in a boat who saw her being rejected by a group of adult seals.

Two days later another male, Beckham, was spotted on Heacham Beach.

Mr Copeland said: "The people who rescued or found the pups appear to have acted very responsibly - only taking action once it was very clear the pups had been abandoned.

"Luckily all three pups were in good shape and we've already weaned them from tube-fed milk onto fish."

He urged anyone who spotted a seemingly abandoned pup to watch from as far away as possible for at least two hours.

He said after that, if there was still no sign of the mother, they should phone the sanctuary.

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