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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 March 2006, 16:32 GMT
Businessman reserves space flight
Richard Burr
Mr Burr has already paid the 12,000 deposit for the flight
A 50-year-old millionaire has reserved his seat to become one of Britain's first space tourists.

Richard Burr, of Aylsham in Norfolk, plans to pay 114,000 for the flight on what could be the first civilian spacecraft, Virgin Galactic.

The businessman has already paid the 12,000 deposit for the trip which is set to take-off in 2008.

Mr Burr said it was a childhood dream which he thought he could not achieve, but now he could live that dream.

Spaceship prototype
The flight into space will last two-and-a-half hours

"From an early age you watch men on the moon and you watch science fiction, but you always believe it's out of your reach," he said.

"Thanks to Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic they've made that dream a possibility.

"It's a dream that I've always had, now is the time to take that leap forward to live a dream because it's the only chance I'm ever going to have."

Mr Burr said over the next two years he would work hard to pay the remainder of the ticket price.

"Failure is not an option it is something I've got to do," he added.

The 62 mile, two and a half hour, journey will cost Mr Burr 760 per minute.

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