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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 February 2006, 15:43 GMT
Victim's concern over 'odd e-fit'
E-fit issued by Norfolk Police
Police said the e-fit was based on witness statements and descriptions
A crime victim has criticised a police e-fit of a suspect saying although the thief had an unusual appearance he "didn't look that odd".

Publican Kim Rule, joint licensee of The Grebe in Stalham, Norfolk, said she was hoping officers would release a new picture of the burglary suspect.

The man is thought to have been involved in stealing two small safes from the pub on Sunday.

The image shows a man with a moustache and part of one ear missing.

'Not that odd'

The man in the electronically-generated picture also has heavy eyebrows and tousled hair.

"The man was a pretty odd-looking character and we didn't get a good look at his face, but he didn't look that odd," Mrs Rule said.

"The man in the picture has half an ear - he didn't have half an ear. And his moustache wasn't like that.

"I don't think I've ever seen anyone who looks like that in Stalham or anywhere else in my life."

She added: "Apparently the problem with the moustache was that the police only had long moustaches on their computer so they had to sort of chop it off at the ends."

A spokesman for Norfolk Police said: "We couldn't comment on current e-fits as that might jeopardise investigations."

'Detailed description'

But he added in a statement: "The e-fit image is compiled as a result of the witness to the crime giving as accurate and detailed description as possible and how much they are able to recall."

The man featured in the image is alleged to have distracted staff in the bar while an accomplice slipped into a backroom and removed the safes which contained cash and valuables.

Police said the suspect who spoke to staff was 18-20, 5ft 4in, with short brown hair, stubble and a dark complexion.

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