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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 August 2005, 08:48 GMT 09:48 UK
Pilot buys disused control tower
RAF Ludham tower
The decomissioned site went on the market 6 weeks ago.
A former RAF air traffic control tower has sold for more than 135,000 to a pilot with KLM - the highest of six bids from across the country.

Yorkshire based Captain John Bergin plans to develop the RAF Ludham tower and then rent it out as a holiday home.

The agent Melvyn Stone said: "We received enquiries from all over the UK from people interested in owning a building steeped in military history."

The last mission was flown in 1945 just four years after the site was built.

Spitfire squadrons

Captain Bergin, based at Leeds-Bradford Airport, became interested in the story after spotting it in the Sunday Times.

The control tower was built in 1941 and RAF Ludham was used largely by Spitfire squadrons who gave fighter support for bombing missions.

It was later taken over by the Royal Navy in 1944 and used by the Fleet Air Arm.

The last mission from Ludham was flown in May 1945 and the airfield was decommissioned at the end of May 1945.

The decomissioned site went on the market 6 weeks ago.

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