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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 August 2005, 20:50 GMT 21:50 UK
New web tool to help colour blind
New technology is being developed to make websites more accessible to those with colour blindness.

University of East Anglia PhD student Luke Jefferson is developing plug-in software to adjust colours according to the user's type of colour blindness.

He has been funded by a 10,000 Enterprise Fellowship Scheme.

He now aims to transform his research into products that will make money and improve access to the web for those with colour blindness.

Colour combinations

To help with his research he is looking for volunteers who are colour blind or people who have specialist knowledge of the condition to take part in the research.

He is also looking to develop accessibility tools for designers to help them choose colour combinations that are user-friendly for colour blind people.

Colour blindness, the reduced ability to distinguish between certain colours, is usually inherited and is more common in men.

One in 12 of the male population is colour blind, yet many websites use colour combinations that make it very difficult for colour blind people to see and understand.

The Enterprise Development Award which allowed Mr Jefferson to develop his ideas was awarded by the government-funded university-to-business experts i10, a partnership of 10 top universities and higher education colleges in the East of England.

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