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Asbo warning for break-in baboons

The safari park has re-created the damage the baboons can make to warn visitors
Some of the park's baboons have discovered how to open cargo boxes

A safari park in Merseyside has developed its own Asbo scheme because of worsening problems with local vandals - its baboons.

Knowsley Safari Park has served the Anti Social Baboon Orders on the inhabitants of its monkey jungle due to recent mischievous behaviour.

The baboons have learnt how to break into car rooftop luggage boxes.

The park has re-created scenes of the baboons to warn to visitors entering with cargo boxes on their cars.

'Wiper blade'

David Ross, safari park general manager, said: "When the first luggage box was broken into we didn't really take an awful lot of notice - we just thought it was a one-off incident with a faulty box or lock.

"However, when the problem kept happening, it quickly became clear that the baboons had acquired an unfortunate new skill.

"Their technique involves the largest baboons jumping up and down on the box, flexing it until the lock bursts open, when the rest of the baboons pile in to see what they can find.

"Obviously, we're well used to them helping themselves to the odd wing mirror or wiper blade, but this has taken things to a whole new level."

There are more than 140 baboons at Knowsley Safari Park.

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