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Last Updated: Friday, 22 April 2005, 14:16 GMT 15:16 UK
Full list of those jailed
The 33 football hooligans sentenced were:

David Sands, 30, of Holme Lane, Prenton.

Paul Joynson, 23, of Prenton Road East, Tranmere.

John Ryan, 39, of Foxcovers Road, Bebington.

Jason Montessori, 33, of Polden Close, Ledsham.

Henry Topham, 37, of Observatory Road,


Carl Power, 40, of Pulford Road, Bebington.

Simon Crabtree, 31, of Masefield Close, New Ferry.

Edmund McGill, 36, of Mellock Close, Little Neston.

Lee Hobbs, 29, of The Woodlands, Little Neston.

Shane Warton, 35, of Moseley Avenue, Wallasey.

Paul Davies, 38, of Mallory Road, Tranmere.

Mark Clarke, 36, of Church Street, Conway.

James Walsh, 17, of Aston Wood, Tranmere.

Alexander Bishop, 20, of Dudley Close, Prenton.

James Larkman, 19, of Partridge Way, Pensby.

Andrew Rutter, 22, of Acreville Road, Bebington.

David Aspey, 21, of Bebington Road, Birkenhead.

Tristian Berry, 20, of Linwood Road, Tranmere.

Paul Stewart, 22, of Carey Avenue, Bebington.

Edward Morris, 39, of Ackers Road, Woodchurch.

Stephen Roberts, 42, of Farmfield Drive, Beechwood.

Peter Jones, 41, of Haldane Avenue, Claughton.

Keith Scallion, 26, of Roseberry Grove, Prenton.

Christopher Poole, 33, of Newdales Close, Prenton.

Colin Ebbrell, 37, of Grosvenor Road, Oxton.

Paul Johnson, 34, of Aspinall Street, Birkenhead.

Shaun Triggs, 21, of Brimstage Avenue, Bebington.

Simon Landers, 24, of Princess Boulevard, Bebington.

Stuart Travis, 20, of Kings Road, Bebington.

Luke Roberts, 23, of Garth Boulevard, Bebington.

Dean Hydes, 28, of Litherland Avenue, Moreton.

Leslie Fowell, 34, of St Paul's Road, Rock Ferry.

Sands, Prenton and Joynson were jailed for two years.

Montessori was sentenced to 15 months and Ryan was jailed for 12 months.

Warton was jailed for 18 months.

Topham, Power and Aspey all received 15 months.

Stewart, Davies, Ebbrell, Morris, Scallion, Hydes, Jones and Clarke were sentenced to 12 months.

Hobbs, Crabtree, McGill, Bishop, Larkman, Rutter, Berry, Luke Roberts, Poole, Triggs, Landers, Fowell, Johnson and Travis all received nine months and Walsh received six months.

Stephen Roberts was sentenced to 12 months suspended for two years and banned from football matches for four years.

Clarke, Davies and Power had all been convicted of conspiring to commit violent disorder and the other defendants had pleaded guilty to the charge.

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