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Last Updated: Monday, 21 June, 2004, 14:24 GMT 15:24 UK
Father re-lives son's 80mph birth
Ferrari car
The couple named their son after the creator of Ferrari cars
A father has described how his baby son was born on the front seat of a car as they travelled at 80mph on a motorway.

Rupert Hull-Hart, 45, was travelling on the M53 in Merseyside to the hospital with his wife Jessica, 38, when baby Charles Enzo was born.

Mr Hull-Hart, who lives in Bromborough, Wirral, said: "I was in the car and Jess started screaming that the baby was coming.

"I looked down and saw the baby's head, I couldn't believe it."

The television producer, who had recently moved from Blindley Heath, Surrey, was only a few miles away from the hospital when the drama took place.

Jess and I got engaged only six weeks after we met so you could say that being in a rush runs in the family
Rupert Hull-Hart
He said: "I was in the garden when Jess came and told me she had gone into labour.

"I thought it would be a while so went and had a quick shower but Jess came and got me and told me we ought to be making a move.

"I asked Jess if I should stop but she told me to keep going so I put my foot down and Charles was born while I was doing about 80mph."

The couple decided to give Charles the middle name Enzo after car designer Enzo Ferrari.

Mr Hull-Hart said: "It seemed appropriate somehow."

Charles Enzo was born on 5 June and is now back at home with his 11-month-old brother Matthew.

Mr Hull-Hart said: "Jess and I got engaged only six weeks after we met so you could say that being in a rush runs in the family."

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