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'Scouse jibe' film of Tameside binmen investigated

Lisa Harris, 27, filmed the confrontation on her mobile phone

Claims council workers shouted "we batter Scousers" at a woman in a row over bin collections are being probed.

Lisa Harris, 27, who was wearing a Liverpool FC shirt at the time, filmed a confrontation outside her children's school in Stalybridge.

The mother-of-two said her bins have not been emptied for four weeks and still have the "stench of mouldy Christmas dinner".

Her local council, Tameside, said the incident was under investigation.

She claims she even stood in front of the bin lorry at one point and pleaded for them to take take her rubbish. Ms Harris said she spotted the bin lorry on her street on Monday morning.

Dashing out, and knowing there had been some delays because of the heavy snow, she said she asked the binmen to take her rubbish.

She claims they told her she had put out the wrong colour bin so she ran back and dragged out her green wheelie bin.

Lisa Harris and her overflowing bins
Lisa Harris said her bins have still not been emptied

"I asked them to empty mine and my neighbour's. My neighbour is an elderly woman and she struggles to get about I thought they could have emptied hers too," she said.

However, instead of sorting out her rubbish, she said they laughed at her before driving off.

An hour later, when she saw them by her children's school, Arlie's Primary, Ms Harris confronted them again.

She said: "I stood in front of the bin lorry, refusing to move until they agreed to empty my bins.

"It's horrendous, we have so much rubbish - I just don't know where to put it all.

"But then they just started to abuse me, calling me a Scouser and saying they 'battered Scousers'.

"That's why I decided to film them - their attitude was disgusting."

Ms Harris, who is born and bred in Manchester, has made an official complaint to the council and an investigation is under way.

Her bins, she says, have still not been emptied.

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