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C-charge ballot papers sent out

Cars and a congestion charge sign in London
Manchester is voting on whether or not to introduce congestion charges

Ballot papers for the congestion charge referendum are being sent out to 1.9 million people in Greater Manchester.

If the proposals get the go-ahead, rush-hour commuters will be charged up to a maximum of 5 a day to drive in and out of Manchester city centre.

In return, the region will receive 2.8bn public transport investment from the government.

Greater Manchester residents will receive their voting packs by Friday and must return them by 11 December.

The results of the referendum will be announced the following day.

If seven out of the 10 Greater Manchester boroughs vote yes, the scheme will go ahead.

The congestion charge would then be brought in by 2013.

Under the scheme, drivers would pay the maximum fee if they drove into the city in the morning rush hour and out during the evening peak.

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