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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 June 2007, 10:01 GMT 11:01 UK
Girl's nose is bitten off by dog
Piper Delaney, pic from MEN syndication
Piper was taken to Booth Hall Children's Hospital
A six-year-old girl had part of her nose bitten off by a dog as she was feeding it an ice cream.

Piper Delaney, of Calton Avenue, Lower Kersal, Salford, Greater Manchester, was feeding her next-door neighbour's border collie when she was attacked.

She was taken to hospital where doctors are hoping to sew the missing piece of nose, which was found on the floor by another child, back on.

The dog, called Benji, has now been seized by police.

The dog's owner, Sharon Bowden, of Calton Avenue, Lower Kersal, has four children herself and said she has never had any worries about letting them play with Benji.

The dog, Benji, has been seized by police

"Benji was a good dog, there were never any signs this would happen and the police dog handler said he wasn't fierce or showing any signs of danger," she said.

"We're all thinking about Piper, she's a lovely little girl and she and her brother and sister are always here playing with my children."

Piper's mum, Adele Murphy, was at Piper's bedside at Booth Hall Children's Hospital in Blackley, Manchester.

Greater Manchester Police said they had been called to a house in Calton Avenue at 1640 BST on Wednesday after reports that a child had serious face injuries after being bitten by a dog.

They confirmed they had seized the dog.

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