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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 May 2007, 16:15 GMT 17:15 UK
Congestion charge plans revealed
Traffic on Oxford Road, Manchester
Fifteen main routes into the city centre will be chargeable
Details of plans to charge motorists to drive in to and out of Manchester city centre are set to be revealed.

Commuters in private vehicles are likely to be charged up to 5 for the privilege of entering the city, according to BBC Radio Manchester.

It is thought fees will be introduced within the M60, with motorists paying 2 to enter the outer zone and another 1 to access the centre at peak times.

It is believed they would be charged a further 1 to leave each of the zones.

Announcement imminent

It has not been decided when the charges would come into force.

Greater Manchester's Public Transport Executive (GMPTE) refuses to comment on the suggested charges.

However, it has confirmed it will make an announcement on Friday as part of its outline proposal bid for 3bn of government money to improve the local public transport network which will include initial plans for a targeted congestion charge.

The congestion charge system would target the 15 roads into Manchester with the greatest congestion. However, its introduction depends on the bid for government funding.

This process is being carried out in the most undemocratic way possible
National Alliance Against Tolls

Numerous ways of operating the charge scheme have been suggested in the past - with satellite tracking, electronic tagging and licence plate recognition technology mentioned as possible methods.

In January, a report by the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) said motorists would pay per mile.

A public consultation is to be carried out so that drivers, residents and businesses can have their say on the proposals.

AGMA has said the scheme would not be introduced on roads until the people affected have access to a reliable, integrated public transport system which provides a genuine alternative to the car.

It is to submit the final draft of its funding bid in July.

A National Alliance Against Tolls spokesman said: "This process is being carried out in the most undemocratic way possible.

"Under the Local Government Access to Information rules, any reports or documents that go to councillors are supposed to be available to the public a week before the meeting is held.

"Earlier this week we asked for a copy of the report to be considered on Friday, and were told that there were no documents."

Reasons for proposed Manchester congestion charge

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