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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 November 2005, 12:51 GMT
Abortion mother's child pregnant
Sue Axon with her daughter Joy
Sue Axon says she is 'proud' Joy told her she was pregnant
The daughter of a woman who is taking legal action over a parent's right to know if their child wants an abortion is pregnant.

Single mother Sue Axon, 51, of Baguley in Manchester, wants the law to be changed to stop under-16s seeking confidential advice on contraception.

Mrs Axon regrets a termination she had herself 20 years ago that caused her "guilt, shame and depression".

Her lawyer confirmed that her eldest daughter Joy, 16, is expecting a baby.

Mrs Axon launched her legal challenge more than a year ago and stressed that her two teenage daughters had not sought abortions and that she was bringing the case "as a matter of principle".

The case is into its third day at London's High Court.

'Reinforced campaign'

The Daily Mail reports that three months ago Joy told her mother that she was seven weeks pregnant.

Mrs Axon's solicitor Paul Conrathe said: "This goes to show that this case is of more than hypothetical interest to my client."

In the newspaper article, Mrs Axon said she was proud that her daughter had confided in her and that the experience reinforced her campaign.

"It backs up my case, that this is what is happening with young girls, who are having sex and getting pregnant because it is there for them on a plate," said Mrs Axon, a mother of five.

Guidelines defended

"The confidentiality policy gives them the confidence to have sex underage knowing they won't have to tell their parents.

"I think that may have been a factor in my daughter having a sexual relationship at such a young age."

Current guidelines state terminations can take place without parents' consent and doctors should respect girls' privacy.

Lawyers for Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt are defending the guidelines, saying the right of confidentiality enjoyed by under-16s is crucial in reducing teenage pregnancies and improving sexual health.

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