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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 January 2005, 16:51 GMT
Fresh inquest for Shipman victim
Killer GP Harold Shipman
Shipman said Mrs Waller died of bronchial pneumonia
A new inquest into the death of a 79-year-old patient of serial killer Dr Harold Shipman has been ordered by a High Court judge.

An open verdict was recorded in 2001 on Marjorie Hope Waller, of Hyde, Greater Manchester, who died on 18 April 1996.

Her family sought a fresh inquest via a judicial review after the Shipman Inquiry Report named her as one of Shipman's victims.

Mr Justice Bennett said the coroner had agreed the verdict should quashed.

Breathing difficulties

Mrs Waller was found lying on the bed of her home in Kew Avenue soon after a visit by Shipman.

The killer GP recorded the retired teacher's death as bronchial pneumonia saying she visited his surgery complaining of breathing difficulties.

Dog lover Mrs Waller was described by friends as fit and healthy.

Despite evidence of Shipman's other crimes, South Manchester Coroner John Pollard said there was still room for doubt and her shocked family challenged the verdict.

Mr Bennett said new material cast doubt on this verdict and it justified a fresh inquest.

The evidence came to light in the first report from the public inquiry into Shipman's killing spree by Dame Janet Smith.

No date has been set for the inquest.

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