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'Honour killing attempt' on lover

Tulay Goren
Tulay Goren's body has never been found

The father of a girl of 15 allegedly murdered in a so-called honour killing also attempted to kill her boyfriend, a court has heard.

Halil Unal, 41, told the Old Bailey that Tulay Goren's father struck him after luring him to a side street with a promise of speaking to the girl.

He told the court he was attacked days after his girlfriend went missing in January 1999.

Mehmet Goren, 49, from north London, denies murdering his daughter.

Mr Goren, of Navestock Crescent, Woodford Green, is charged along with Tulay's uncles, Cuma Goren, 42, and Ali Goren, 55, both from Walthamstow, who also deny a charge of murder.

Tulay disappeared on 7 January 1999. Her body has never been found.

Giving evidence from behind a screen, Mr Unal told the jury that the attack took place after Tulay, a Kurdish Turk, was taken back home by her family after their failed attempt to get married at Hackney register office as she was underage.

In our honour customs, they are either going to finish off, kill the girl, or they are going to kill both of them
Halil Unal, Tulay's boyfriend

Mr Unal said elder members of the community brokered a meeting between him and the Gorens at the Thatched House pub in Leytonstone, east London, on 20 January to discuss the future of his relationship.

Mr Goren agreed to get the pair married in March and asked Mr Unal to step outside to a side street where he could speak to Tulay on the phone, the court heard.

Mr Unal said: "Mehmet said to me 'I know how much you love Tulay, Tulay is at my older brother's shop, give her a call and speak to her'."

As he dialled the number he saw a blade and was hit in the neck. Mehmet Goren was convicted of the attack, the jury heard.

Mr Unal said: "He wanted to kill me."

He added: "In our honour customs, they are either going to finish off, kill the girl, or they are going to kill both of them. That is definite."

'Not tolerated'

Mr Unal added: "It is because I have a clean heart, and that is why I am alive now.

"I don't care if the Goren family kill me now, it is not important to me. I have waited 10 years for this, and to be here."

Tulay had run away from home in December 1998 and came to live with Mr Unal, who was 31 at the time, after her father went to the factory Mr Unal worked in and attacked him for "bothering" Tulay.

The pair had met and fell in love when Tulay got a summer job at the factory.

The prosecution says Tulay was killed "to restore the so-called honour" of the family, as a relationship between she and Mr Unal - who are from different sects of Islam - "would not have been tolerated".

The trial continues.

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