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Muslim chef 'stress' over pork

Islam forbids eating pork meat or products containing pork

A Muslim chef was "stressed and humiliated" after being switched to a job where he was expected to cook pork products, a tribunal has heard.

Hasanali Khoja from Edgware, north-west London, said even wearing gloves or using tongs to cook would not protect him from the risk of splashes.

Mr Khoja, who was working for the Metropolitan Police, also alleges that racist gestures were made at him.

The 60-year-old chef is claiming religious discrimination.

In 2005, Mr Khoja started a catering manager job at Hendon police training centre.

But he was found to have inadequate IT skills and in August that year, he accepted a different job at the same site.

His objections to touching pork products were respected, the tribunal heard.

'Racist' gestures

In February 2007, Mr Khoja said he was transferred to a police kitchen at Heathrow Airport where he was expected to prepare and cook all types of food.

A meeting was then arranged to discuss Mr Khoja's pork objections.

Mr Khoja alleged human resources manager, Paul Bell, told him his job was at risk if he did not follow instructions.

He further claimed that Mr Bell then pulled faces and made racist gestures, the tribunal in Watford, Hertfordshire heard.

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