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Suspect describes bakery attack

Jimmy Mizen
Jimmy bled to death after being attacked at a bakery store

A teenager has described the moment he threw a glass tray at a boy severing an artery in his neck and killing him.

Jake Fahri, 19, from Lee, south-east London, is accused of murdering Jimmy Mizen at a bakery in Lee last year.

He told police he threw the tray at Jimmy in an argument, the Old Bailey heard and that he was afraid the schoolboy would hit him with a sign.

"I didn't think it would smash and I threw it and it hit him," Mr Fahri told police. He denies a charge of murder.

Jimmy bled to death after being attacked at the Three Cooks bakery store with his brother Harry.

'Took offence'

Mr Fahri handed himself into police three days later.

In a police interview played to the Old Bailey, Mr Fahri said he had gone into the shop to buy a sandwich but had changed his mind.

When he turned around he said Jimmy was standing in his way.

Mr Fahri said: "I've made a step and looked at him to say, 'you know I'm trying to get past'.

"I didn't get no reaction so I've brushed past him and he's obviously, he took offence to that, and he said 'don't touch me.'"

The court heard that it suddenly escalated into a row and Mr Fahri left the shop but later re-entered, becoming increasingly aggressive.

Mr Fahri said he panicked after Jimmy pulled an advertising sign from his hands.

I didn't want to hurt him, didn't want to. I might have been lippy at the start, you know, but I didn't mean it to happen
Jake Fahri

In the police interview, Mr Fahri's voice began to falter and then he wept.

He said: "I looked to my left. There was a tray there. I picked it up and threw it.

"I didn't mean to hit him, I didn't. I just threw it. I thought he would put his hands up so he'd let go of the sign."

Mr Fahri added: "All I wanted to do is, I didn't want him to hit me with the sign."

He said he left the shop when Jimmy let go of the sign. Outside Mr Fahri was challenged by Jimmy's older brother Tommy, 27, but he ran off.

Mr Fahri told police: "I didn't want to hurt (Jimmy), didn't want to. I might have been lippy at the start, you know, but I didn't mean it to happen."

Pathologist Dr Benjamin Swift told the court that Jimmy died from blood loss after the 12in (30cm) dish shattered on his jaw.

A shard of glass cut his carotid artery and jugular veins.

There were 33 injury marks on Jimmy's body, which were mainly bruises and abrasions but included 15 small cuts to his face and neck.

The trial continues.

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