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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 March 2008, 19:16 GMT
Woman leaves flat after 90 years
Esther Annenberg (l) with Angela Prickett
Esther Annenberg came to the flat in 1919
A 99-year-old woman is moving out of a south London flat where she came to stay as a child nine decades ago.

Esther Annenberg, who is known as Ettie, came to live in Samuel Lewis estate in Camberwell with her family on 24 May 1919, the housing estate said.

Her family was one of the first who moved into the estate which used to be army barracks during World War I.

After 90 years in the estate where she brought up two sons, Mrs Annenberg is moving into a sheltered accommodation.

When her family moved into the two-bedroom flat in Warner Road on Empire Day, the rent was six shillings a week and the walls had sketches of nude women left by soldiers.

We did have a fantastic street party to mark the end of it (World War II)
Esther Annenberg

Mrs Annenberg, then Garcia, said she and her brothers were amused for hours by the flat's toilet which could be flushed only by lifting the seat.

Reminiscing, she said: "I have been very happy here; it used to be great fun.

"I used to know everybody on the estate as we all grew up together. I grew up here and I brought up my sons David and Brian here.

"During the Second World War I walked from the Oval to Camberwell during the blackout; I just got on with it.

"We did have a fantastic street party to mark the end of it."

Mrs Annenberg, a trained seamstress, worked in a dry cleaners. She moved out of the flat for a while in 1936 after marriage but returned to care for her father.

Angela Prickett, Southern Housing Group's London Region Director, said: "I am in awe of Ettie's longevity... I'm sorry to see her move on."

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