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Last Updated: Monday, 14 January 2008, 22:25 GMT
Asda parking cheats face 60 fine
Front of Asda store
Asda trialled the scheme in Liverpool
Supermarket Asda has begun penalising shoppers found abusing priority parking spaces at a north-west London store.

Drivers who park in disabled bays without displaying a blue badge may be fined 60, as could people wrongly using parent and child spaces.

Special parking wardens began enforcing the scheme in Park Royal on Monday ahead of its England-wide roll out.

It follows a trial at Merseyside stores which showed a 60% increase in the number of free priority parking spaces.

Common sense

Anyone caught parking in a space they are not entitled to will be asked to move and those who refuse or seriously abuse the system will be fined.

But Asda said a fine would be a last resort.

Spokesman Paul Hedley said: "This is not about attendants hiding in bushes. It's about being fair and using a common sense approach."

Mr Hedley said that during the trial in Liverpool they were issuing on average one ticket per store per week.

Asda will donate profits from the fines to baby charity Tommy's and the Motability car scheme for the disabled.

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