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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 May 2007, 21:17 GMT 22:17 UK
New car pollution scanners tested
Low Emission Zone monitoring equipment
The system could help enforce the low emission zone
Vehicle emissions measuring equipment which could help enforce the planned Low Emission Zone has been tested.

The Accuscan 4600 works by firing ultraviolet and infrared light across the road to detect high polluting cars.

Under the scheme, trialled at Tower Bridge in central London, offenders could be sent notices advising them to tune up their vehicles or face a fine.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone said the city-wide Low Emission Zone will come in to force in February 2008.

'Unfair system'

Duncan Mounsour, of Enviro Technology Services which has developed the equipment, said the system could be used for enforcement.

He said: "Should registered keepers of those vehicles not take any notice of any notices that may be sent to them to get their vehicles tuned up and better maintained, then it could be used as a system to issue penalties."

Sheila Ranger, of the RAC Foundation, warned the system may unfairly penalise low income drivers.

"We would not like to see a system like this being used as a means to ban motorists from certain roads or certain areas of the city," she said.

"The older cars tend to be driven by lower income motorists. The reason they haven't got a newer car is perhaps they can't afford one."


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