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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 May 2007, 13:31 GMT 14:31 UK
Thatcher opens Falklands display
Baroness Thatcher arrives at the Imperial War Museum
Baroness Thatcher met people involved in the war
Baroness Thatcher has opened an exhibition about the Falklands War at the Imperial War Museum.

The display marks the 25th anniversary of the conflict, which Lady Thatcher, now 81, oversaw as prime minister.

She met General Sir Jeremy Moore, former commander of the British Land Forces Falkland Islands, who accepted surrender from the Argentinians.

The nine-month exhibition includes memorabilia and personal items from both the British and Argentinian sides.

Lady Thatcher met a number of people involved in the war before touring the exhibition.

Among them was Sgt Bill Belcher, who lost a leg in the conflict.

Shot down

He was one of a two-man helicopter crew supporting the battle of Goose Green.

As they flew into rescue the commanding officer of 2 Para, Lieutenant Colonel "H" Jones - who had been mortally wounded - they were shot down.

Sgt Belcher's crewman, Lieutenant Richard Nunn, was killed.

The battered joystick of their Scout helicopter is one of many artefacts from the war to be found in the museum.

Unique distinction

The diary and medals of Royal Navy Surgeon Commander Rick Jolly, who established and ran the British field hospital at Ajax Bay, were also on display.

Jolly was honoured by both Britain and Argentina for his humanitarian work - a unique distinction in modern conflict.

During her visit, Lady Thatcher also met Commander Alan West, now the retired First Sea Lord.

He was captain of the British frigate HMS Ardent when, on 21 May 1982, the ship came under repeated attack, leaving 22 of her crew dead and forcing the others to abandon the vessel.

They were transferred to HMS Yarmouth and Ardent sank 24 hours later.

The former prime minister also met Sukey Cameron, who is the current Falkland Islands' Government representative.


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