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Last Updated: Friday, 22 September 2006, 16:49 GMT 17:49 UK
Video shows judge 'using cocaine'
Roselane Driza
Ms Driza said she was sacked without explanation
A Brazilian cleaner accused of blackmailing two judges claims she saw a video of them together, showing the woman judge apparently taking cocaine.

Roselane Driza, 37, told the Old Bailey jury she also found a video showing the male judge in bed with another woman.

Ms Driza denies stealing the videos and threatening the judges, who had been lovers, for employing her illegally.

She admitted asking the female judge for 20,000, but said it was compensation for discrimination.

Ms Driza told the Old Bailey she had been sacked without reason after five years of employment.

The judges, colleagues at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, both employed her as a cleaner, the trial has heard.

It has been claimed she told the female judge, known in court as J, that she was a student who had been granted refugee status when she was employed.

But Ms Driza told the court that when J had employed her, she knew her visa had expired and suggested Ms Driza see one of her friends to help.

She said she did not have to answer me because she was a judge and I was a cleaning lady
Roselane Driza

Speaking through an interpreter she told the trial on Friday she had been sacked over the phone, after working for J for five years, without explanation.

When she phoned back to ask why, the judge flew into a rage and screamed abuse at her, the court was told.

"She said she did not have to answer me because she was a judge and I was a cleaning lady," Ms Driza, of South Norwood, south London, told the court.

The trial has heard that the male judge, known in court as I, then decided to terminate her employment with him, because of his friendship with J - with whom he had previously been in a relationship.

But he then struck up a relationship with Ms Driza and kept it secret from J, the trial has heard.

She admitted asking for 20,000 in compensation "for the way I had been treated, racism and discrimination, my distress and the calling of names and the bad words".

J earlier told the court earlier in the week she had never taken the cocaine.

The trial continues.


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