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Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 July 2005, 08:20 GMT 09:20 UK
'Not Afraid' website overwhelmed
Picture from I'm Not Afraid website

A website set up to give Londoners a voice after last week's bomb attacks has been overwhelmed with messages from around the world.

The We're Not Afraid site, created by London web designer Alfie Dennan, had four million hits on Monday alone from as far afield as Italy and Africa.

The idea came from a picture of one of the bombed trains sent from a mobile phone to Mr Dennan's own weblog.

Someone else added the words "We're Not Afraid" sparking a huge response.

Another blog site,, is also running a defiant message, pledging a public demonstration to show solidarity with Londoners and defiance to the bombers.

They are showing that they are not going to react to this by fear
Alfie Dennan

And St George flags have been put up outside shops around Liverpool Street - scene of one of the underground bombings - while union flags have gone up outside some houses.

In the past few days about 3,500 photos - from holiday snaps to doctored pictures of London buses and Tube stations - have been sent in to Mr Dennan's website, all containing the "We are not afraid" message.

Mr Dennan said the site had become a symbol for people to show solidarity with London and say they will not be cowed by the bombings.

"It is very unusual for Londoners to be afraid. They are showing that they are not going to react to this by fear.

"I set up the website to give people a voice online, to show their distaste for this tragedy, and have received a huge response - I've been amazed."

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