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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 November 2005, 21:22 GMT
Ruling made over lapdancer's loan
An IT contractor who paid a lapdancer 100,000 for her time, has won back a 73,000 loan he made to her.

Kieron Sutton, 37, from Tallaght, Dublin, was paying Kay Hutchinson 800 a night to be his escort, before the agreement turned sexual, a court heard.

Once the affair soured, Mr Sutton tried to sue Miss Hutchinson for money owed.

In January, a Central London County Court judge ordered her to pay back every penny - that order was backed by the Court of Appeal on Thursday.

Miss Hutchinson, of Bermondsey, east London, had met the consultant at the Spearmint Rhino Club in London's Tottenham Court Road.

Appeal judge Lord Justice Ward said Mr Sutton had written to the lapdancer after their relationship ended, asking for his money back and adding: "I do love you and would do almost anything for you. I wish you well."

Her lawyers argued the documents supporting the loans were forgeries and that any loans deal between them was unenforceable as it "offended public morality".

But Lord Justice Ward, sitting with Lord Justice Keene and Lord Justice Gage, dismissed the appeal.

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