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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 January, 2005, 08:46 GMT
Temple calls for Quake aid store
Bags of donations at the Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple
Volunteers are needed to help pack up the donations
A temple has had so many donations of supplies for victims of the tsunami that it does not have enough space to store and pack them.

The Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple, in Kingsbury, North London, is appealing for help in finding a storage space and transport for the goods.

Food, medical supplies and clothes for those hit by the Asian disaster are being gathered at the temple.

The first batch of aid is due to be dispatched by them on Tuesday.

Bags of donations are now being stored outside the temple and have mounted up to several feet.

Our top priority is sterilisation units for baby bottles, baby bottles and teats
Chandila Fernando, Sri Lanka High Commission

Volunteers say although they do not need any more clothes and food and medical supplies are a priority.

Chandila Fernando of the Sri Lankan High Commission said: "We need to focus on medical items and food stuffs.

"We also need assistance in moving items to and from our warehouses and people to physically pack things.

"We have got to keep working for those people who don't have places to live or even food to eat."

Mr Fernando said: "Our top priority is sterilisation units for baby bottles, baby bottles and teats, we have a chronic shortage of these."

Ranga Moonesinghe, a volunteer worker at the temple, told BBC News: "At the moment our temple is full of boxes.

"People are coming to help us and they don't have enough space to work inside the temple."

Anyone with items to donate can take them directly to the Sri Lankan High Commission in Hyde Park Gardens, central London or call 0870 6091057 or 0207 2621841.


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