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Binman finds 10k cash in shreds

Graham Hill (top) and the cut-up notes
Graham Hill will get a new note for each one he pieces back together

A binman who found cut-up 10 and 20 notes in two litter bins has been told he can exchange them for new ones if he can piece the bits together.

Graham Hill discovered an estimated 10,000 in two bags dumped in City Square in Lincoln.

Lincolnshire Police held the money for six months while an investigation was carried out.

After nobody came forward to claim it, the force gave it to Mr Hill as there was no evidence of criminal activity.

Det Con Nick Cobb said: "Following extensive inquiries, there was no evidence that the money was stolen or linked to any criminal activity.

"This was a very unusual case and, despite our inquiries the circumstances of why and how the money came to be torn up and put in the bin, remains a mystery."

It is a massive jigsaw puzzle
Det Con Nick Cobb

The binman will get a new note for each one he pieces back together, but this could prove difficult.

Det Con Cobb added: "It would appear that they might have been cut-up with scissors.

"Obviously whoever cut it up took a long time, a very, very determined effort to cut the money up.

"The biggest piece of money was about an inch square... It is a massive jigsaw puzzle."

A Bank of England spokeswoman said: "Providing the bank notes meet the evidence requirements, then an application for reimbursement should be successful."

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