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School has Christmas tree stolen

A Christmas tree and its lights have been stolen from a Lincolnshire primary school only hours after it was set up.

The 6ft (1.8m) tree was erected at the front of the school in Potterhanworth near Lincoln on Thursday evening and was gone by the next morning.

It was the first time it had been placed outside after an appeal raised money for a suitable power supply.

Staff said the children were heartbroken as they had been looking forward to helping decorate it.

School yard

The tree had been set up early so it could be ready in time for the village's Christmas market this weekend, staff added.

School administrator Julie Parry said: "The children are distraught. We have had them writing articles about it for the school paper.

"One boy has written 'Something tragic had happened, someone had taken our tree, why would anyone steal our tree?'

"The school is right in the middle of the village and it didn't cross our minds that someone would walk into the school yard, pick up the tree and go off with it."

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