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Last Updated: Monday, 3 March 2008, 14:52 GMT
Pet tortured with flame-thrower
A man who tortured a guinea pig with a makeshift flame-thrower has been warned he faces a prison sentence.

Daniel O'Rourke, 18, used a lighter and a can of aerosol to shoot a flame at the animal. He also filmed the attack on a mobile phone.

Lincoln magistrates heard the pet survived but suffered burns.

O'Rourke, of Highfield Avenue in Lincoln, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the guinea pig. He will be sentenced next month.

'Sadistic acts'

The teenager also admitted four offences of injuring, killing or causing distress to chickens, at allotments off Boultham Park Road, Lincoln.

The court heard how the attack on the guinea pig took place in May last year at the home of one of O'Rourke's friends in the city.

Despite being trapped in a cage and having its coat badly singed and its whiskers burnt off, the animal was treated for its injuries and successfully rehoused.

District Judge Richard Blake told O'Rourke he had carried out "sadistic acts" and any sentence should act as a deterrent.

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