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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 November 2007, 09:05 GMT
Pregnant woman's anger over fine
Laura Howard
Ms Howard said she was disgusted by the fine
A pregnant woman from Leicester has won her battle for a refund after being given a 90 fine for using a mother and toddler space.

Laura Howard, 25, who is two weeks overdue, parked at Tesco in Beaumont Leys and returned to find the ticket.

"I was uncomfortable and it was disgusting that they waited and then slapped a fine on my car," she said.

A Tesco spokesman said it will pay her fine and Safe Park UK said the matter has been resolved.

'Quite shocked'

Safe Park UK , which enforces parking regulations on the Tesco site, also said it is considering whether or not to review its policy on mother and toddler spaces.

Ms Howard, a children's nursery manager, said: "After shopping for half an hour I returned to find a ticket for 90 and I was quite shocked.

With all the information we are now in possession of, we would have dealt with this in a completely different way
Safe Park UK

"I felt I was well within my rights to park there and I didn't give it a second thought," she added.

"If I had actually had my baby on my due date I would already be walking around with her in a buggy."

The pregnant mother said she was finding it hard moving around as she was shopping on 21 November - so that is why she used the space.

Safe Park UK said it had a duty to manage the site according to the sign-posted rules.

Director of operations Iain Vann said: "If you park in one of the spaces without a child present then you are going to have a ticket.

"With all the information we are now in possession of, we would have dealt with this in a completely different way."

Laura Howard talking about the fine

Pregnant woman told to pay fine
20 May 07 |  North West Wales

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