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Last Updated: Friday, 23 February 2007, 19:58 GMT
Family hire private bin service
Amanda Hassall
One family is paying for a bin as they say the council bin is too small
A Leicestershire family have paid for a private rubbish collection because they say their council bin is too small.

The Hassall family have begun paying 5-a-week for a private collection at their house in Hudson Road, Sileby.

They claim the black bin provided by Charnwood Borough Council cannot cope with the refuse generated by the eight members of the household.

The council said if recycling was carried out properly the bins it provided should be adequate.

Amanda Hassall said: "The bin isn't big enough, definitely not.

"It only gets emptied once a fortnight and with eight of us living in this house it's just not enough, whereas my other bin, my new bin, will get emptied once a week."

Charwood borough councillor Sandy Gough said: "We believe that if residents, as we all should, recycle properly the sort of bin we provide is adequate to a family's needs."

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