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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 September 2007, 12:45 GMT 13:45 UK
Skunk kicks up stink at nightclub
Nancy the Skunk
Nancy was found wandering the streets (Picture from RSPCA)
A Blackpool nightclub had an unusual visitor at the weekend, when doormen let in a skunk.

The doormen spotted the animal on the street outside the resort's Mardi Gras club, in Talbot Road, in the early hours of Sunday.

At first they thought the black and white female was a cat, but then realised it was a skunk, thousands of miles from its natural habitat.

Manager Steve Philips said the skunk was now being cared for by the RSPCA.

He said the North American mammal, which staff called Nancy after the rock group Skunk Anansie, was taken into the club after they saw people crowding round it on the street.

"We took it downstairs and put it in two large plastic crates, joined together," he said.

After a night's drinking you expect to see pink elephants, not a skunk
Steve Philips

"She didn't seem to be bothered round people though, she was very tame."

He admitted he was surprised at the find.

"After a night's drinking you expect to see pink elephants, not a skunk!" he said.

The RSPCA arrived at the club the next day, and took Nancy to the nearby Longview Animal Centre.

Ann Hedley at the centre said the 1ft (30cm) long creature was probably someone's unwanted pet that had been set free in the town centre.

"They don't make ideal pets," she said.

"They have long claws, big teeth, and then there's the smell.

"It sprayed here and the smell was very unpleasant."

Ms Hedley said Nancy was leaving the centre this week for a more suitable home at a Cumbria wildlife sanctuary.

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