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Last Updated: Monday, 23 July 2007, 09:48 GMT 10:48 UK
Teenage party gatecrashed by 500
Natalie Allen
Natalie said she only invited 80 people (Pic: MEN)
Hundreds of teenagers gatecrashed a girl's birthday party after she posted details of the event on the internet.

Natalie Allen, 14, was expecting about 80 friends and relatives to turn up at her party at St John's Church Hall in Facit, Lancashire.

She turned up to find the hall full of about 500 people she did not know, many of them drunk and rowdy.

Natalie said she had only told a few people on the internet messaging service MSN but news must have spread.

I was soon in tears and I didn't know what to do
Natalie Allen

Police arrived at the party last week after about 90 minutes, and arrested four youths for allegedly being drunk and disorderly.

Five patrol cars and a support unit were sent to the village, where they found the hall strewn with broken bottles and covered in vomit.

A burger van had even appeared in the street to cater for the young people.

Vicar's wife Marian Read, 53, came out of the parsonage and described the scene as "absolute carnage."

Natalie, who is a pupil at Whitworth High School in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, said she was upset by what had happened.

St John's Church Hall in Facit
The village of Facit has a population of about 2,000

"I was late for my own party and when I went inside it was full of people I didn't know. There were strangers coming up to me asking me if it was my party," she said.

"I was soon in tears and I didn't know what to do."

"I had told a few people on MSN but it wasn't on MySpace or Facebook. I think people had told people and it all got out of hand."

She said future birthday parties would be invitation only.

Police in Bacup, Lancashire, said: "We received a report that a large number of juveniles had gatecrashed the party after seeing it on the internet and had turned up the worse for alcohol.

"They had come from all over and most of them were from outside the area."

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