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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 October 2006, 12:25 GMT 13:25 UK
Blackpool horses to get nappies
Horse drawn carriages in Blackpool are being fitted with nappies to stop horse droppings littering the promenade.

Landau drivers in the seaside resort had volunteered to follow carriages with a bucket a shovel.

But the landaus, which are a common sight along the promenade, are to be fitted with a rubber and plastic nappy that will collect the droppings.

The first will be tried out on Thursday with other landaus joining the trial in coming months.

"The landaus are a well known sight on the Promenade but unfortunately we do have this ongoing problem of the droppings which can be a particular nuisance in the warm summer months," said Councillor Fred Jackson.

Licence scheme

He added: "The council is working hard to resolve the issue and it will be interesting to see if the landau operators think it could be successful."

Described as "horse friendly", the collecting bag can be easily removed with the droppings dumped in collecting bins.

Tracey Morris, landau proprietor, said: "The landau community wants to work closely with the council to keep landaus on the promenade.

"I'm happy to try out any suggestions that the council come up with which will keep the promenade clean and our customers happy.

"I'm looking forward to trying this out and hopefully it will be successful."

If landau drivers back the scheme it could be a compulsory part of the landau licence for 2007.

Great Yarmouth has 17 landaus fitted with the nappies which are said to collect 90% of horse droppings.


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