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Last Updated: Friday, 25 January 2008, 10:39 GMT
Hare sculptures decorate bridges
Hare sculptures
Work on the hare bridges is expected to start soon
Twenty steel hares based on the design of a Roman brooch found at Springfield, Kent, are to be fitted to two footpaths over the A2 in the north of the county.

The 18ft-long hares were designed and made by artist Wendy Taylor, who is best known for her Timepiece sculpture near Tower Bridge in London.

The brown hares, on a green base, will be on site at Hythe next week. Work on the bridges will start soon afterwards.

Gravesham council said the hares were a striking symbol of the area's history.

"I want the pedestrian link bridges to be special to the area and have a simple and instantly recognisable identity from a distance," said Ms Taylor.

"I feel it is important to convey that the bridges are part of a route to the countryside and recreational activities and in some way express this spirit to both young and old alike.

"The image of the hare is not only appropriate to the countryside but, more importantly, it has a direct historical reference to the archaeological discovery of a bronze hare found in the area."

The road scheme is due to be opened in 2008.

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