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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 November 2006, 11:31 GMT
Christmas banners saving energy
Christmas banners in Gravesend
Gravesend is decorated with "eco-friendly" Christmas banners
Christmas banners are being introduced by a council in Kent to try to reduce energy consumption from light displays.

The decorations, with messages such as "Season's Greetings", have been hung up in Gravesend town centre.

Gravesham Borough Council said the trial scheme was about being "green and festive" at the same time.

But a spokesman said there was "no bah humbug in Gravesham" as there are still some low-energy illuminations over streets and lights on Christmas trees.

'Positive step'

"There is no doubt that everybody will know it's Christmas," said Councillor Lee Croxton.

"I'm conscious that a lot of people are putting up rather gaudy displays outside their houses, using up huge amounts of electricity, and we're looking to set a better example."

The Christmas banners can still be seen at night when they are lit up by street lamps.

The Gravesham branch of Friends of the Earth encouraged people in Gravesend to see them as "a positive step".

Mr Croxton said he would see how much energy had been saved, and what the public response was, before deciding if the use of Christmas lights could be further reduced in the future.

The reaction to the council's Christmas decorations


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