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Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 February 2006, 12:32 GMT
Tsunami stray rescued by dentist
Paul Westerman feeding Thai Bite in Thailand
Paul Westerman began feeding Thai Bite on his first day in Thailand
A Kent dentist who went to Thailand to help identify those killed in the Boxing Day tsunami has brought home the stray dog who helped keep him company.

Paul Westerman, from Cranbrook, paid more than 5,000 in quarantine and medical costs because he could not bear to leave the dog behind.

"She was great relief from the difficult time we were having and we became firm friends," he said.

After six months in quarantine, Thai Bite is now settling into her new home.

'Broken heart'

The pair became acquainted on Mr Westerman's first day in Thailand.

He was in the country to help identify some of the Britons killed in the disaster using their dental records.

Thai Bite
Thai bite is now healthy and has settled into her new life in the UK

When the wave struck, countless pets were also left homeless, but luckily for Thai Bite, Mr Westerman began feeding her.

"I couldn't have imagined leaving her behind. Being the old softy I am it would have broken my heart."

With help from the head of the Thai police, Mr Westerman managed to arrange for Thai Bite to return with him last April.

His wife Carolyn said the dog's future would have been bleak if she had remained at home.

"We've been told she wouldn't have survived because she had a mite infection that required antibiotics."

Despite initial problems with the family's other dog, Parsley, the Westermans said Thai Bite seemed to be enjoying life in the UK.

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