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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 October 2005, 12:44 GMT 13:44 UK
Lorry parks 'desperately needed'
The council estimates 1,000 lorries park up in Dover each night
Lay-bys on the main routes into Dover may have to be closed to stop trucks using them overnight, according to the town's council.

Dover District Council said up to 1,000 trucks are using Kent's lay-bys and residential streets every night on their way to the Channel Ports.

It has called for at least one official truck park to be built in the county.

The Freight Transport Association said its drivers would be willing to pay for such facilities if they were available.

'Total nuisance'

Peter Binham, from the FTA, said drivers desperately need a secure area where they can park off the road, have a shower and rest, but such a facilities did not exist.

"If they were there then they will pay for it but a the moment there's nothing there," he said.

With only 450 official spaces available for lorries en route to Dover via the A20 or A2, cabinet member for access, Nigel Collor, said the HGVs are a total nuisance for everyone.

"I've seen them two abreast in lay-bys before. They're breaking up the carriageway and they're generally leaving their litter behind."

Driver urinating

He said in residential estates people often have to walk in the road to get round the trucks.

"In one instance a lady was taking her child to school and a lorry was blocking her path... she found the driver urinating on the other side of the vehicle," he said.

Mr Collor said the government ideally needs to provide up to four lorry parks.

"What is Dover's problem now will be the rest of Kent's and south east England's tomorrow," he said.

"We have to bring it to peoples' attention now to start the ball rolling before it gets really out of control."

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