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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 12:20 GMT 13:20 UK
Clear-up starts after more floods
Tenbury Wells flood
Market Street in Tenbury was flooded once more
Mopping up is under way in Tenbury after the Worcestershire town was hit by a second wave of floods.

A dozen residents left their homes after about 0.6in (15mm) of rain fell in one hour on Tuesday.

The downpour followed flooding on 27 June, when people had to be rescued after the River Teme burst its banks.

Some people are blaming poor drainage for the latest problems but the county council said it could do nothing about the "unprecedented" levels of rainfall.

'Big problem'

Former local councillor Andrew Price said: "There's a huge problem because the whole drainage system would need to be changed throughout the town.

"There are houses which have been flooded that are nowhere near the flood plain - in Berrington Road and Bromyard Road - houses that are a mile away from the river. It really is a big, big problem."

Chris Dell, chairman of the Tenbury Tourism Group, said: "There have been reports that I know of for at least three years about blocked drains in Market Street, which is where the worst flooding was.

Within half an hour it had gone from nothing to... being waist deep
Sarah MacDonald
Wine bar owner

"It's been brought up at many town council meetings and nothing seems to have been done about it.

"I don't know who's responsible for which exact drain but I do know when a problem's been reported for three years. It should've been fixed long ago."

However, a spokesman for Worcestershire County Council said the levels of rain in recent weeks had been unprecedented and impossible to predict.

He said: "Some of the water (on Tuesday) was raw sewage and Severn Trent are responsible for that, not the county council.

Satellite map

"Because of the floods three weeks ago all the drains in Tenbury were cleared then," he added.

He went on to say that Tenbury's drainage system was no different to those in Bromsgrove or Kidderminster, adding that it would be a multi-million pound project to replace it.

Sarah MacDonald owns a wine bar on Market Street which had only just reopened after the last floods in the town.

She said of Tuesday's deluge: "Within half an hour it had gone from nothing to being waist deep - quite horrendous.

"The rain was just so torrential the drains couldn't cope and within half an hour it was flooded everywhere".

The council booked hotel rooms for the residents who could not return to their homes.

The fire service said an amazing amount of rain fell on the town.

Spokesman Alec Mackie said flood levels reached 3ft (0.9m) in some places.

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