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Have a moan at pub Grumpy Club HQ

Steve Potten, Grumpy Club president
Steve Potten, Grumpy Club president, says he feels "oppressed"

A Hampshire pub has become the perfect place to get things off your chest, as the home to the UK's first official Grumpy Club.

Instead of happy hour, the 300-year-old Bishop Blaize pub in Romsey hosts "grumpy hour" allowing mostly middle-age men to air their grievances.

Subjects have ranged from the stodginess of trifles and the quality of jokes to the price of beer.

The club's motto is "and another thing" and its members hope it will catch on.

Steve Potten, Grumpy Club president, said: "We are oppressed by namby-pambies who don't want us to talk about anything.

"This is serious. My motto is 'and another thing' - there's always something else.

It's about getting things off your chest
Wayne Jacobs, landlord

"What about salt shakers in chip shops!"

The club meets every Tuesday evening.

Each member gets a raffle ticket when they buy their first drink and the winner chooses the subject for the following week.

Wayne Jacobs, landlord of the pub in Winchester Road, said: "We don't have happy hour anymore.

"It's about getting things off your chest, moaning, moaning, moaning.

"It's been doing really well."

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