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Last Updated: Friday, 16 February 2007, 17:47 GMT
Horse rescued from swimming pool
Jubilee rescue
Jubilee is not thought to have been hurt by the ordeal
A runaway horse has been rescued after it plunged into a neighbour's swimming pool in Hampshire.

The horse, named Jubilee, escaped from her paddock at a farm near Andover on Thursday and wandered into the garden.

Two fire engines, 15 firefighters and a specialist animal rescue unit - equipped with a fork lift truck - winched her to safety.

Jubilee is thought to have helped herself to food from a bird table before falling into the pool.

The horse had spent about an hour in the pool before rescuers emptied the pool and sedated her.

'Good swimmers'

Jim Green, rural safety officer for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, told BBC News: "At this time of year people have covers over their pools - horses and cows can't distinguish these and end up going swimming."

It is not known whether the mare, who stands at 16.2 hands, jumped a fence to enter the garden or sneaked through fencing torn down by wind.

Mr Green added: "Horses are a bit like us - some are good swimmers and some are not.

"When they're swimming they get tired and 60% of their weight is at the front - they get tired and go under."

Jubilee was said to have not been injured by her ordeal.

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